Who We Are

The Bahrani family is a well-established Iraqi industrial family, based in Baghdad, with roots in the South. The Bahrani Group was established in 1925 by the patriarch of the family Mr. Khalil Ibrahim Al-Bahrani. 


The Bahrani Group is a privately-held conglomerate of companies covering several business sectors owned by the sons of the late Mr. Khalil and his grandchildren. 
The owners are all university graduates with engineering, economics, and MBA degrees from prestigious universities including the University of London, the University of Hull, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT.

Business Scope

Our Group is involved primarily in the food and packaging industry, but with investments and business activities in other sectors as well: Food Products and Packaging Dairy processing (Wisam brand). Tomato Paste, Sauces, Ketchup, and Fruit Jam Processing (Hello Brand). Poultry farming and processing. Egg production. Import and Distribution of Food Products (Hello brand, Dough Freeze, Faragallah). Production of extruded and thermoformed plastics packaging. Nationwide Distribution. Financial Services Banking. Insurance. Foreign Exchange. Real Estate Hotels, apartments, buildings, and other property in Baghdad and the South Construction Sandwich panel manufacturing. Expanded Polystyrene insulation material manufacturing. Cold store and caravan production and assembly. Import and distribution of USG suspended ceilings (sole agents), Ready-mix concrete production. Hunnebeck concrete formwork and scaffolding suppliers (sole agents). Electrical Appliances & Electronic Goods Import and distribution of Carrier air conditioners (sole agents), home appliances, Strong satellite receivers (sole agents), and consumer electronics.


To become a regional powerhouse in the food, packaging and home appliances industries providing world-class products to satisfied customers


To Manufacture the highest quality product possible both in the domestic and international markets to improve the lives of the consumers.


People First

In Bahrani Group we believe that people are the most important asset at the company that’s why improving employee efficiency and performance and maintaining a healthy work environment is one of our top priorities.


We believe that you empower people by trusting them that’s why in the Bahrani Group we trust our colleagues and encourage them to make decisions that benefit our customers, business partners and our companies.



Bahrani Group values transparency that’s why we built aculture of transparency and collaboration with our employees internally and with our clients and customers externally.


We treat our employees fairly regardless of sex or race, we believe in equality and fair chances.   



We are truthful, honest and direct in all of our communications.



We work together as one family to achieve our goals. We are proud to have each and every member in our company.


Be Different

We strive to exceed our employees and clients expectations we offer a unique special culture that makes us stand out from the crowd.



We strive to perform at an excellence in what we do. We are committed to deliver the highest product possible.